Omar. Hand crafted in Italy, worn by sneaker and denim heads.

Friendship can lead to great collaborations, and that is exactly what happened when Good Genes and Mason Garments sat down to create this Omar.

The Mason for Good Genes Omar is inspired by the Stan Smit sneaker, which is considered to be a classic amongst sneakerheads and often worn by denim lovers.

Hand crafted in Italy, the sneaker is constructed of a smooth-grain leather upper, Vacchetta calf skin liner and build on a white Stan outsole by Margom.

The inner shoe is called a Sacchetto, which is like a moccasin made of lining leather. It covers the foot like a glove and provides full support and flexibility to your feet.

The heel cap is characterized by the Good Genes’ logo, the Rooster, and their signature color orange which will remain an exclusive colorway in the SS16 collection from Mason Garments.

The sneaker is available in our Amsterdam flagship store. Please contact us for available sizes.